The Third Day of SADDmas

by Rachael Pishtek

            My name is Macy and I was a SADD member for four years in high school. The most important thing about Northern Lights to me is that it empowers young adults to be confident enough with themselves to make the right decisions, because sometimes that’s the hardest thing for a teen to do when he or she feels pressure from their peers.

The biggest part of my job as Miss North Dakota is talking to students. I talk about the impact that one decision can have on so many lives. Every time I tell my story, I see the impact it has on the young people that listen. Every day I see how my story is changing the lives of those around me. The message that SADD provides find and fills in the games that the community can’t reach or have an effect on.

For me, the most important topic that Northern Lights covers is traffic safety. Not only does SADD stress being a responsible and alert driver, they also work to bring like to driving under the influence. This information is also being brought to the attention of students by their peers. Peers set examples for each other often times without realizing it. Your friends are role models in a way and if one person stands up for what is right, others will follow suit.

Rather than sitting back after my brother made the decision to drink and drive, I decided to do something about it. If not for my involvement with SADD, I don’t think I would have the courage to advocate for positive decision making. With this organization’s help, I’m turning a negative into a positive everyday. You can become part of this important mission by donating right now!


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