Eyes on What Lies

by Rachael Pishtek


In partnership with State Farm, Northern Lights Youth Services and Northern Lights SADD have created a curriculum entitled “Eyes on What Lies”. These lessons are designed for students who are just beginning to drive, ideally students that are going through Driver’s Education programs. 

There is a lesson for each state in the Northern Lights region and features specific facts and statistics for each individual state. Along with the lesson, you can find a YouTube video produced by NLYS, starring students from the Northern Lights Advisory Board and Highway Patrol officers. The lessons and video can be found here!

Thank you to State Farm for your commitment to keeping all roadways safe, from gravel rural routes to the freeway! 


About the Author

7Rachael Pishtek

Rachael Pishtek is a SADD alumna who served on the Northern Lights Advisory Board for two years and as the North Dakota representative on the National Student Leadership Council 2011-2012.

Pishtek, a 2015 graduate of Concordia College,  now works in marketing and development for Northern Lights Youth Services.

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