Have a #SafeSummer With NL SADD!

by Rachael Pishtek

This summer on our social media pages we will be posting alternative activity ideas for your students! We are starting a #SafeSummer campaign, and we’re challenging students to post photos of their safe summer alternative activities which we can share on our social media.


Summer is a common time to party. When students aren’t in school, they don’t have as many activities to keep them busy. Along with boredom comes more opportunities for students to make poor decisions or be in situations that could be difficult to handle. This is where we come in with our #SafeSummer campaign.


By giving students alternative activity ideas and suggestions of what they could do instead of party, they will be more likely to make good decisions and have a fun, memorable summer. Be sure to check our social media pages and Pinterest board for our alternative activity ideas!

About the Author

7Rachael Pishtek

Rachael Pishtek is a SADD alumna who served on the Northern Lights Advisory Board for two years and as the North Dakota representative on the National Student Leadership Council 2011-2012.

Pishtek, a 2015 graduate of Concordia College,  now works in marketing and development for Northern Lights Youth Services.


Jill Christopherson

Rachael, I was sitting on your right as you spoke with the Minnesota Prevention Alliance in St. Cloud on July 28th. I am a prevention coalition coordinator in Wilkin County. Cities in Wilkin are Rothsay, Breckenridge and Campbell. I need assistance in developing skills and processes with youth advisors in all 3 school districts. I'm sure there are a number of other areas you will be able to assist the coalition in building and sustaining youth groups in all 3 school districts. I look forward to visiting with you over the phone or in person. I'm on vacation tomorrow. Take care, Jill 218 643 7122

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