2017-2018 NLAB Holds First Meeting!

by Rachael Pishtek

The first Northern Lights Advisory Board meeting of the year took place in Jamestown, ND May 31st - June 2nd. The NLAB came eager and ready to discuss their plans for the year, but first we discussed some rules and expectations for their upcoming term. Some of these expectations included obeying the SADD contract, maintaining a positive attitude, handling conflict appropriately and participating in all Northern Lights Youth Services social media campaigns.

After the rules and expectations were discussed, the NLAB participated in some leadership activities and the group thought about what topics should be focused on throughout the year and in the future. Recruiting chapter members came up, as well as starting chapters in different schools. As far as issues go, the NLAB thought that there should be more attention paid to drugs, mental health and body positivity. Not only should these issues be paid attention to, but Northern Lights should be providing information and resources on how students can find help.

Throughout the meeting, the group also discussed a new distracted driving program, sponsored by State Farm, called ‘Drive the Focus’. In this program, students and chapters will be invited to take part in an online training where they will learn, in depth, about distracted driving and other traffic safety issues. On top of that, these students will be trained in advocacy, event planning and will be challenged to host an event in their own communities for all ages on this subject matter.

            The NLAB also worked on the planning of the Summer Youth Summit being hosted by CAWS North Dakota and Northern Lights. Kristina Devaal from CAWS North Dakota joined the group in Jamestown to work on the event, which is taking place July 31st- August 2nd at the BPS Career Academy in Bismarck, ND. At this event, the NLAB will be taking the reigns and challenging their peers to get real about sexual and dating violence - from female and male perspectives. Attendees will be participating in a low ropes course led by the North Dakota National Guard, listening to acclaimed speaker and author Mike Domirtz, participate in the Teen ‘In Their Shoes’ program, an interactive NLAB led workshop, and training on the Northern Lights created ‘Healthy Reality’ program that can be used in your schools and communities.

            Lots of exciting things to expect from this very talented and focused group of young people throughout the year. Make sure to take frequent looks at our social media and website to stay updated on what’s happening during a busy summer for Northern Lights!

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