High in Plain Sight - October 18th in Moorhead, MN

by Rachael Pishtek

The Northern Region Association of Safety Professionals (NRASP) is hosting a community awareness event entitled “High in Plain Sight” on October 18th in (Fargo/Moorhead) from 6:00-7:30 PM in Moorhead at the Minnesota State Community and Technical College campus, in partnership with Northern Lights Youth Services. In this presentation, “The Tall Cop” Officer Jermaine Galloway will discuss the drug and alcohol culture in Fargo Moorhead, using his two decades of law enforcement experience.

Officer Galloway is a nationally and internationally known figure in law enforcement. Standing at 6’9”, officer Galloway may seem intimidating, but cares passionately about keeping communities healthy and drug free. Working in law enforcement for two decades, Officer Galloway has worked on crime scene investigation, as an alcohol compliance and enforcement officer, DUI task force, officer mentoring and as a field training officer.

This presentation, “High in Plain Sight”, will cover a variety of topics analyzing the drug and alcohol culture and accessibility in Fargo Moorhead. Once, what is called a ‘community scan’ is conducted by Officer Galloway, he will present his findings to the attendees of this event. Topics discussed will include: alcoholic energy drinks and alco-pops, synthetic drugs, inhalants, OTC drugs, concentrates and more.

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Sean Hagen

Hi Rachael, I am the SRO in Valley City, ND and my district is interested in bringing this presentation to our community. Could you provide me some details on that?

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