The First Day of #SADDmas 2017!

by Rachael Pishtek

   My name is Peter and I first started out as a SADD student, creating my alma mater’s chapter in 1999. From there I was hooked on SADD’s message. I served on the first two SADD State Advisory Boards and attended the national conference twice while in high school.

    While I am now an adult, I am so thankful for the opportunities that SADD provided me. Now, I serve as a volunteer and I see that NL SADD offers youth the chance to make a difference in a lot of different ways. They address a number of different topics that are relevant, regardless of who you are. NL SADD gives youth the opportunity to work with peers in a movement to better their lives and the lives of others by informing and supporting each other, as well as be ambassadors for their community.

   NL SADD is an asset to any community because it creates young leaders and shines a light on issues that would otherwise not be addressed. Change does not happen that way, it requires work and people to do that work, which is why SADD is an asset. One of these overlooked topics is mental health. Everyone knows it's an issue, but no one wants to openly talk about it. It is nice to see that NL SADD is addressing this because open discussion and education is the key to progress.

   Your donation will ensure that Northern Lights Youth Services has the opportunity to grow and provide a voice for youth in your communities. I just want to see this organization continue to spread the positive message and the sense of community that it creates in so many young people. NL SADD was the first organization that I joined that really allowed for me to shine and develop, and I am forever grateful for that because it is the cornerstone of the person I became. The youth in your communities are precious, and by donating you can invest in their future; your future.

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