The Second Day of #SADDmas!

by Rachael Pishtek

   My name is Sommer  and I have been part of the SADD program for the last five years. Two of these years, I served on the Northern Lights Advisory Board - the group that is essentially the state officers for the Northern Lights region. We hold meetings discussing how we can best serve our SADD chapters, plan programming, work on awareness campaigns and we are the ones planning the Northern Lights Conference every year. Last year, I was honored to be selected as the Northern Lights SADD Student of the Year, who oversees this group of students, and acts as a leader for all of the SADD students in the three states.

   To me, the most important thing that Northern Lights offers to youth is a support system of peers. It isn’t always easy to open up about personal problems at this age, but my SADD chapter created an environment for all of us to feel welcome and cared for. SADD says what others are afraid to say and sometimes people do not even know what is truly going on in the lives of youth. For instance, mental health issues are often swept under the rug, we often choose to hide that we are struggling, but through the support system and awareness activities that Northern Lights provides, we know what we’re feeling is normal.

   I’m now serving on the National Student Leadership Council as the representative for North Dakota, and I would like for Northern Lights to continue to grow and develop their legacy. Honestly, I believe this organization saves lives, so please join me in making a donation this #SADDmas season. As I mentioned before, you never know who is having a hard time, by donating, you could be saving a life!

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