The Fourth Day of #SADDmas!

by Rachael Pishtek

   My name is Seth and I have been involved in the SADD program for one year, as part of my local chapter as well as an NLAB (Northern Lights Advisory Board) member.

   For me, I find most value in that Northern Lights offers safe and fun ways to make the best decisions. My local chapter often holds alternative activities like black light volleyball, movie nights and more to entertain kids like me on weekend nights. For reasons like this, Northern Lights is an asset to my communities and communities across the region. SADD gives people an outlet to get involved with their friends, family and community and discuss issues like substance abuse, drinking and vehicular safety in a non-intimidating way.

   In the future, I would like to see Northern Lights SADD have higher enrollment and make an even bigger impact on more communities. In order to do that, we need funding so please click here and donate to this cause that benefits me and other students everyday!

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