The Sixth Day of #SADDmas!

by Rachael Pishtek

   My name is Logan and I have been involved with the SADD program for the last four years and am currently a member of the NLAB (Northern Lights Advisory Board). In my time in SADD, I have worked on Rock the Belt campaigns, SADD Cares, Red Ribbon Week, my chapter’s haunted house fundraiser and even a mock car crash.

   I believe that the most important thing Northern Lights offers is the comforting and accepting environment. This environment welcomes teens looking to learn about making positive decisions and advocating for issues that face them and their peers. In my community, I see the impact that Northern Lights SADD has on students regularly. I teach Northern Lights’ program ‘Reality Check’ to fourth grade students, and through this program I can see that they are grasping what we are teaching them about self esteem, substance abuse, internet safety, traffic safety and more.

   Talking to someone close to your own age is much easier when it comes to difficult topics, which is why I think peer education is so valuable. Not only that, but it challenges high school students to set a good example for younger kids. I would like to see Northern Lights accomplish a leadership program, challenging students to become advocates and step out of their comfort zone.

   If you would like to see more student leaders step up in your community, please click here and donate to this cause today.

You have the ability to provide education on these subjects in your own community and across the region!

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