The Tenth Day of #SADDmas

by Rachael Pishtek

   I’m Laurie and was a SADD advisor for eight years. Everyday, I got the opportunity to see the family that is provided to my SADD chapter. The bond is instant and lifelong, acting as a support system as well a reinforcement to stay strong in positive decision making when the temptations are present.

   I once had to talk to a student in private when I found out about some of the destructive decisions she was making. I told her that if she continued down this path, she would lose her board position and not be able to travel with us to the national SADD convention. She left my office in quite a huff and I really did not expect to see her back. When she did return, she told me that for the first time she had a meaningful conversation with her mom and told her about the destructive decisions that she was making. She then told me she disappointed the two most important people in her life: her mom and I. She instantly got her act together and became one of the strongest leaders i have ever had. She shared her story with the other students and talked about how choosing the wrong friends and going down that path almost cost her the spots scholarship to college she received. That was a pivotal moments for me.

   Young people are more powerful in educating their peers than any adult can be. I am not sure why this is, but everything I have read states that this is a fact. I see it in my school as well. My students come up with great ideas, ones that I would never have thought up, to get certain points across to their peers. If you could see what I see on a daily basis and hear what kids say about SADD everyday, you would clearly understand how important this organization is to young people and in turn to our communities at large. You can make an impact, please click here and help contribute to this important cause!

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