Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes isn’t a “program” in the traditional sense, but a concept, or a framework that is limited only by the bounds of your imagination and creativity.

Open Your Eyes is a means by which SADD chapters develop a plan to identify an issue of importance and implement strategies to raise awareness and bring forth a call to action. What are the issues? Perhaps they are underage drinking, or perhaps suicide. Maybe it’s bullying. We don’t know. You do. Decide what is an important issue in your school or community, call people’s attention to it, and do something to address it. Make your SADD chapter a leader in speaking out on these issues.

We have even created a program toolkit (PDF, 139.63 KB) for you to use. This includes a step by step suggested process for completing the Open Your Eyes program as well as printable “Open Your Eyes To:_______” sheets for program use.

The program toolkit can be found here: Open Your Eyes Toolkit

We also have a material guide (PDF, 1.57 MB), with suggestions on what to do with the Open Your Eyes materials. 

Use the abstract eye symbol in creative ways to get people thinking about your issue. Contact the NL SADD office for materials like tee shirts, window clings, buttons, etc. to help you with your project. Document your efforts with photos and videos, and share it with us.

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