Reality Check

Reality Check

Reality Check is the flagship program developed by Northern Lights Youth Services for use in its network of SADD chapters. It uses trained high school facilitators/role models to deliver a series of lessons designed for elementary students in grades four through six.

Reality Check consists of a series of seven lessons per grade, focusing upon important concepts like positive self-image, respect for others, the effects of alcohol on the developing brain, peer pressure, the media, and much, much more. Each lesson also contains a take-home sheet for parents, designed to engage them in conversation and provide positive reinforcement at home.

Originally developed in 2003, Reality Check has shown statistically significant evaluation results, and it has been revised as needed to stay current.

Contact the NL SADD office if you are interested in implementing the program.

Download a copy of the Reality Check Mentor handbook (PDF, 110.71 KB), which provides background information and notes about each of the lessons in the current version of the curriculum.